Membership Procedure

Bulgarian – Italian Business Association – membership is a voluntary, non-governmental, politically non-affiliated, self-organizing non-profit association for private benefit.

Members can be individuals and legal entities who share the goals of the Association and the means to achieve them, fulfill its statutes and regularly pay their membership fees.

Membership in the Association is a voluntary act, but the following application procedure must be followed:

1. Those wishing to become members familiarize themselves with the activities and the founding documents of the Association.

2. Candidates submit a written Application for membership to the Management Board, in which they declare acceptance of the statute, mission, goals and way of working in the Association.

3. The Management Board, at a regular or extraordinary meeting, examines the application and the accompanying documents within ten days and takes a decision with a 2/3 majority.

The procedure is described in detail in the Statute.

Membership types are:

Full membership.

Associate membership.

Honorary membership.

Full and associate members must meet the following criteria:

Have trade and/or services in their business.

To have proven high professionalism and quality service.

Have a good reputation among business circles, the general public and government institutions.

Honorary members are determined and accepted as such by the Board of Directors with a 100% majority. The objects of honorary membership are individuals and legal entities who have contributed to the development of Bulgarian – Italian Business Association and the authority of the Association. Honorary members do not pay membership fees.

BIBA membership documents

Application form

Sample information card

A written recommendation from a current member of the Association